Bring wealth and prosperity with amazing Vastu tips


It is praiseworthy that you take care of your loved ones, you love to keep your house sparkling clean and you don’t hesitate to push boundaries when it comes to the decor of your home. That is why it is said that a woman can make a house a home. While sprucing up your home this time, make sure you follow these Vastu tips religiously and bring home wealth and prosperity!

The entrance door opens the treasure box of happiness

The entrance door should always be adorned with religious symbols such as Om, Swastik, Lord Ganesha, and Cross. The main door should be well-lit but avoid red lights otherwise, it will have an adverse effect on the Vastu of your home. It should open at 90 degrees without any hindrance in the way. Ensure that hinges are oiled properly and doors open without any creaky sounds. Remove all the extra nails. Do not place a dustbin near the entrance. Use a nameplate to invite opportunities to your home.

The symbols of prosperity –Buddha and Vastu paintings

Apart from bringing prosperity, Buddha also gives an exotic touch to your décor. Moreover the larger the statue, the more positive energy it will attract. Bring in wealth with the paintings of a waterfall, flowing river and fish. If you looking for some overseas career opportunities, decorate your house with paintings of racing cars, flying bird, and foreign currency.

The name has power- Money plant

Vastu experts advocate the importance of money plant. It brings good luck and prosperity to your home. As per Vastu, Keep the money plant in green vase in the north direction as it attracts wealth and career opportunities.

A clock can bring in good time

According to Vastu, a clock shows the direction to your life so all the clocks in the home must be in working condition. Most of us do not pay attention while hanging clocks because we think why to bother when we just have to see the time. Hanging clocks in south direction would certainly lead to wrong results. The glass of the clock should be intact and no clock should be behind real time. The bedroom is the place where you spent your maximum time so as per Vastu the clock should be placed far from the bed.

Feed the birds

If you wish to improve financial flow into your home, feed grains to birds. It’s true! Place the bird feeder in yard or garden. If you have a space problem, a hanging bird feeder in the balcony can be a great option.

Fill colors in your life

Most of us will be reluctant to use purple color in decorating our house but it is known as a color of wealth. We understand it’s a bold color; you can subtly introduce it through purple flower vase, purple cushion cover or purple orchid flowers. Flaunt your creativity woman!

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