Hello everyone! My name is Parul Sachdeva. A globetrotter and a blogger by passion, Delhi is where I reside and in my writing is where my heart resides. Though I am a caretaker of this site but it does not only belong to me. It’s ours. It is about us. Your Ideas, stories and wisdom are just as meaningful and useful as mine. Articles, blogs, tweets, reviews, stories -there is never a shortage of ideas to consider. Gaining knowledge is easy but seeking information which has been churned from your own daily life, is a lot more satisfying.

TheBloggersPark is the home of a little bit of everything really. It is your little book of poems, stories, insights, tips, articles and everything in between.

I invite you to be a part of TheBloggersPark by sharing a post, commenting, liking, giving your piece of advice and even criticizing when you feel so. We are all in this together and we all have something to learn and teach.

भावनाओं की टेबल पर सच्चाई की चाय और सकारात्मकता के बिस्किट के साथ बैठे कभी मेरे साथ गपशप लड़ाएं!