Never forget these life lessons my princess


Before I start, I have a confession to make. I do not have a daughter But I am a woman, a mother and a daughter. I have come across with many people saying to their kids “you are a boy! Do not cry like girls! Recently I went to a mall’s toy shop. As I was scanning the toy shelves, I heard something “Beta superman and cars are not meant for girls, check these beautiful barbies, aren’t they adorable? Why do we make such statements? Why from time to time, someone reminds her that you are a girl and therefore a sub-standard species. And when that same girl grows up and could not cope up with life’s struggle, we say “Be strong”. That’s why I know exactly what I would like to teach her if I ever have a daughter-

It’s perfectly OK to be fond of hulk and transformers

You are a girl but you don’t have to have a liking only for barbies and other girly things. Let her choose what she wants to play with. There is no name stamp of boys on guns, transformers or hulk like toys. Do not insist or persist them for any of the toys or for that matter things. Offer her choices and let her decide.    

You will never be conscious of your weight

Seeing kids talk about fat and thin is a bit scary but I will tell my daughter it is ok to be a little plump. But It is must to eat healthy.  Every person has a different type of body shape. Do not worry if you happen to be different from others. Be fit not thin.

Ask questions seek answers

Kids have so much to talk about. If they are saying something, listen to them attentively. Do not interrupt them in between.  This will help raise confident, fearless girls those do not hesitate from speaking their mind. I will make her understand “Who ask questions, are considered fool for 5 minutes but who don’t, are considered fool for the rest of their lives”.

Dream and realize them

Many of us have crushed our dreams and desires due to societal pressure, our parents and just for the simple reason that we are our girls. I will never let my daughter go through what I have been through in the past. Dreams are essential, everything else is secondary.

Say what you want to but mind the way

Girls should not talk so much, look at the audacity of this girl! But when boys say the same thing -they are considered brave, confident and eloquent speakers. I will teach my daughter if something is wrong, speak up but it has to be the right way. Because Science backs out “tongue wounds heal faster than any other part of the body “and wisdom says “wounds created by spiteful words never get healed”.

Know your worth

Relationships are precious. A world without you would be crippled. You are a superwoman. You would be playing multiple roles in life. From a daughter to a mother, to a sister, to a partner, to a friend and what not. But always remember Do not sacrifice your SELF-RESPECT for any person or a relationship. If you are searching for someone to make your life happier, look at the mirror, you will find all the answers.

Sometimes say to yourself -I am doing this for me

You are the reason for your happiness. But as it is said, “Never let success go to your head and failure to your heart”. Think about everyone but it is ok to be selfish sometimes. I will make my daughter understand if you are not happy, how would you bring a smile on so many faces you are going to be an important part of.

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