Tips to help your child speak English


Have you ever got fascinated by kids who speak English as fluently as Hindi? Well, you may think of several reasons -their school must be playing a big role in enriching them, they may have special aptitude for the language, their parent will surely have a great command over the language, But the truth is, we all have the capacity to learn English, especially Kids. Kids below 7 are like sponge, they can grasp whatever is exposed to them. Here are some simple tips to help your child in learning English-

Incorporate the language into their daily life

Have you ever wondered how a child speaks Hindi, Bengali, Marathi any other regional language so fluently? Because your child is immersed in that particular language. You don’t have to put effort in teaching one, more likely they will be able to learn it themselves. The same rule applies with the English language. Reinforce the concepts at home by-

• Practice the language by using it in everyday situations and daily tasks. This way it will come naturally to them. Repeat commands and instructions to the kids in English.

• Talk about clothes while helping your child get ready or while folding clothes or putting them in almirahs. (which color t-shirt you want to put on, please put these blue socks in your cupboard etc.)

• Label household items in English and encourage your child to identify them.

• Teach food vocabulary when going shopping or cooking. Revise the vocabulary while doing the same activity again.

• Practice vocabulary for furniture and toys. There are umpteen words which can be used when you are helping your child to tidy their room.

Create a routine

English time at home? Yes, it is very important to dedicate 15 minutes everyday to the language. You can gradually increase the duration when child is more interested and his/her concentration span improves. Try to engage in certain activities at the same time every day. You can involve your child in the below mentioned activities-

• Play an English game every day after school

• Read an English story with your children before bedtime.

• Show them some videos, Tv shows geared towards young children

• Create an English corner in your home where you can keep anything connected to learning English. For example – books, CDs and games. Repetition is the key. Children need to listen the same words again and again to build their own vocabulary bank.

Confused about which words and phrases to start with?

Figure out your child’s interests and personality when choosing a topic to teach. Start with some simple topics which are indispensable parts of your daily life such as numbers, adjectives, toys, food, animals, colors, clothes and so on. There are so many fun activities that revolve around these topics.

Speaking and listening are powerful

Try to communicate as much as you can with your kids. The more they listen, the more they learn. This will also help them to be in an environment which is full of learning possibilities. It is not that you have to have great communication skills or knowledge of grammar rules in order to teach your child, it is more about building confidence. Once the confidence is achieved, half battle is won.
Whatever approach you choose, the most important thing is to have fun and making the English learning experience enjoyable for you and your kids.


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