Life away from Home


Dreams can take you anywhere… to another town.. another state.. another country.. Or altogether to another world.. And everybody has a reason to have a life away from home. Here are things only people who live away from home can understand-

You become stronger than ever

When you live at home with your loved ones, you are affected by different opinions. But when you are all by yourself, you realize that you also have an opinion about things not influenced by anyone. You tend to muster up strength you never knew you had.

You find happiness in little things

When you live in the comfort zone of your home, you never realize what a blessing it is to have a fridge full of groceries and meals on table right on time. When you have a life away from your people, you are greeted by a dark house and bills after reaching home. There is no better way to teach a person the true meaning of an idiom- “Never take things for granted.”

You value money

You have the balance of your debit account on tips and you mentally subtract from it every time you spend. There is a purpose of having a life away from home, you save up because you may have to purchase a bigger house for parents, you may have to pay the EMI of the car you bought last year. You start valuing the dime which you were least bothered about.

You become more responsible

At home, you are carefree, you never check if you have locked the door or turned the stove off because you know mumma is there. But when you live alone, you double check every single thing. Though you can blast music throughout your house but still miss the dumb jokes at the dinner table back home.

You Miss them

When you are with people, you do not take pains to go to your brother’s room to have a chit-chat. You are too engrossed in your own world but you never realized that there would come a time when a “Sab Theek” WhatsApp will make your eyes twinkle up. Any chance to Skype is a pure bliss. You will realize the importance of a home-cooked meal you shunned when you had to stir spaghetti whilst doing laundry simultaneously.

But every cloud has a silver lining and there are many positive strings attached to it. Let’s go ahead to go back in past and refresh the beautiful memories-


My bag is not stuffed with food,

Because my mother is not there, which only she could,

But now I learned how to cook and I always would…


TV audience is missing from indo-pak match ,

Because my father is not there to fill the patch,

But I have got new friends to ball and catch…


Now I don’t feel mild pain in my hair,

Because my brother is not there to pull them and dare,

But I sacrificed this for my aim, and that’s fair…


  My wallet is full of money,

  Because my friend is not there, who is my best bunny,

  But I always have besides me.. My love, My honey…


My new dress is still lying in the wardrobe,

Because my sister is not there to secretly open the knob,

But life is to accept the challenges and not to sob….


When I win something, nobody cheers,

Because my loved ones not there, no one hears,

But it is making me stronger years by years…


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