Powerful memory tricks


We agree that you have a sharp memory but still there are times when you forget where you kept your car keys two hours ago. From important events to tiny details, following these powerful memory tricks help you remember things in the most amazing way-

1. Some important things you need to take with you –

First of all, collect all the things you want to take it to work, school or anywhere, then put all of them in a plastic bag or tote. Immediately hang the bag on the doorknob. This powerful memory trick will act as a silent reminder when you leave the house.

2.Packing the last-minute essential

You are done with your packing the night before a trip and you have a flight/train to catch the next morning. You have to leave out everyday essentials like toothbrush, phone charger or make-up kit you will use the next morning. Put some noticeably absurd thing like a brush holder for brush or wire cord to symbolize your phone charger and your favorite lipstick for your makeup kit on the top of your open suitcase. Looking at these symbolized objects, you will remember to pack the essential items.

3.Remembering where you parked the car

You have a smartphone. Let’s give it a true meaning by being smart. A single click of the parking lot will help you get rid of many hassles. One more powerful memory trick is to create a mental snapshot. For example- If your parking lot is P2G-132, p is for parking, 2G is for the 2G network and your one tooth got cavity out of your 32.

4. Make a song for your everyday out-the-door carry

This might sound foolish but it actually works. For example, while going out, you need to carry three items – headphones, keys and notepad – make a song using all these 3 items to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

5. Switch off the water heater and say it aloud

Most of the time, we probably do turn off the iron, stove, water heater or lock the door but just when you get into the car, you try to remember whether you flipped the switch or not. The trick is to say it aloud after completing that particular task. Iron is unplugged or stove is switched off!

6. Remembering a name was never so easy


If you are terrible at remembering names then this is for you! When you meet a person, try to associate the name with somebody famous or any movie character. For e.g. Lakshya – a solider like personality from movie Lakshya or ask “What everybody should have in their life? –  Aim-Lakshya

7. A wonderful way to remember everything on your grocery list

This trick can be magical if you could make up a story using the items you need. The more absurd and dramatic, the better. “A cat was having bread dipped into milk and threw orange on a passerby. A sudden blow spilled all the cornflakes and sugar of that stranger. Bread, milk, oranges, cornflakes, and sugar were the items you needed. The narrative will take you from one item to another item until you reach the end of your list. Imagination is the key!

8. Taking your phone off of silent mode

When you go to watch a movie or attend the annual function of your kids, you always keep your phone on silent mode. Wrap something around your phone- a rubber band or ponytail rubber. When you pick up your phone after the event, removing a rubber band will always remind you to turn the ringer back on.

9. Blow it up

Your specs, your wallet or your keys are the things which you often forget after putting at some place. So next time when you put something somewhere, note where are you putting it and in your mind literally blow it up! Visualization is powerful and you won’t forget where you put it.

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