A pure silk saree for Maa


Lata’s life was a bed of roses after marriage. She had an abundance of love, happiness, money and what not. And Lata’s husband himself was a fashion freak. Brightly colored shirts with well-ironed trousers, goggles with a He always loved to stay in style and same he expected out of his wife. They were having a time of their lives. Even after 12 years of their marriage they looked like a newlywed couple.

They spent around 14 years enjoying the luxury and comforts of life. Then the colors of destiny started fading. Lata did not know she had to go through the thorns even in her biggest nightmare.
Lata’s husband was diagnosed with the last stage of cancer. The whole house was filled with the pungent smell of medicines. Everything she loved became everything she lost. Life was testing Lata’s will by having everything happen all at once. Money, happiness, husband… It was like holding sand in her hands. The more tightly she closed her hand, the more she was losing.

The passing of years brought a new ray of hope in Lata’s heart. Her son was all grown up. He completed his MBA and got a job in a reputed company in Delhi. Every day, Lata was pouring her heart to herself – Who is there for me in Rewari? My son is my wealth. I will do as he says. I will accompany him without giving a second thought. But Sahil always reluctantly says – “Mummy, how can I take you with me? Even I am not settled yet! Will take some more time to adjust at this new place.”

Now, Lata was all alone and all by herself. She did not want to beg money from his son. So, she had to do something for the livelihood. She made use of the art of sewing and darning she learnd in her childhood.

She kept a sewing machine and contacted the nearby garment businessmen. The two feet working furiously on the pedals of the sewing machine were never exhausted. Lata’s efficiency of mending and stitching torn garments was remarkable. Darner, rafoogar, embroider all rolled into one was Lata. It was a dire necessity that drove Lata to take up this occupation. She seamlessly merged her life into the stitch and mend of diverse fashion wears. All the shop owners and garments businessmen appreciated her saga of hope, grit and determination.

A car stopped at the front of metropolitan mall. They both sprang out laughing. Their eyes sparkled, their mouth agape, bodies filled with excitement looking at the magnificence of the mall.
Where have you brought me? Is this place on earth? Asked Sahil curiously.

This is the place I talked about. I agree, it feels we are out of India- Ramya lovingly pulled Sahil towards a big showroom.

Mumma Saree done, shouldn’t I buy a dress for Nisha too? Sahil could not stop smiling after listening to his sister-in-law’s name.

I guess you are in full mood to put some scratch on my magic lamp – Sahil took out the credit card from his pocket.

What are you talking Sahil? Do you expect me to buy clothes for mumma and Nisha from Shani Bazaar? Don’t worry, will darn those magic lamp scratches with some savings. And you know how great I am in getting discounts.

Suddenly Sahil said – I have to buy saree for mummy also.

So what’s the problem? I know a very good shop where you can get quality and better prices.

Car started moving on a straight road with a speed of 80. After traveling for some time, Ramya signaled Sahil to stop on a small saree shop.

Do you think we will find a good saree here?

O ho, you come inside. Bhaiya show us some pure silk sarees.

This one is beautiful, what’s the price?Only 5000 mam.

Bhaiya, show us something in low range.

Sorry mam, it is impossible to get a pure silk saree at so low price. If you don’t mind, should I give you an advice?

Have a look at these sarees. These are also fine silk sarees. But due to loading and unloading, holes and tears appeared. These holes are repaired with fusible fabrics or patched with silk. Our expert rafoogars mend it with so much skill and patience that you won’t notice the patch even with the finest lenses. You can get this one only in 700 rupees.

Mummy, this is for you -pure silk saree! I do not have any idea about sarees but Ramya wanted to buy the finest silk saree for you. That too from Delhi’s biggest mall.

My God, What was the need for spending so much money? And tears started rolling down from Lata’s cheeks thinking my better days are coming.

Lata had a close look on the saree – What is this? This is the same saree… same color… same pattern which I darned few days ago. As she reached to the edge of saree, she noticed a blue colored tringle- her identity logo, which she put on every cloth she mends.

Her heart was shattered…the tears kept flowing. Trust was gone.. she was broken!

Picture credit-sara Dukerton, daily mail, BBc.com, the culture trip,hamaraevent.com,

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