Amazing Ways to Boost Brain Development in Children


All parents love to have smarter kids. Well, many times our genes determine how intelligent our children will be. Let us surprise you that there are many proven things you can do to boost your child’s memory and help them reach their intellectual potential. So, let’s dive into the pool of some quick ways to give your child’s brainpower a mega boost-
Same time same work

If your 4-year-old knows that post-dinner is the time dedicated to book reading then automatically he/she will reach to the book every night before going to sleep. You may meet some failures on the way where the kid might rebel, rebuke or disinterested but when they know there is a right time for everything, they will follow. We don’t know, they are way smarter than us. Sit with your kid and plan out homework timetable, daily routine with your inputs.

Sweat it out

Channelize the kid’s extra energy into sports they enjoy. Either sign up for some courses or play with them. Even studies prove that working out for 30 minutes daily can improve cognitive function. Because physical work supplies freshly oxygenated blood to the brain. In turn, it leads to better concentration, improved problem-solving skills, and clarity.

Music time

Music can heal the soul. Well, it also enhances a child’s memory. Music has the power to improve IQ. So, first things first, enroll your child for some music lessons. Let them learn any musical instrument and help them hone their retention, confidence, and concentration.

A healthy diet nurtures a healthy mind

There is no substitute for nutrition when it comes to a healthy body and a sound mind. Just dump all that junk food and nourish young minds with a balanced diet.

Copy Cat

Imitation works best with children. If you want your children to learn something new- You do it first, ask your child to help you do that task and then finally ask the child to do it himself! So be a good role model.

Fall in love with reading

Instill a love for books in kids by reading books at an early age. Take them to the library, visit storytelling events, let them pick their favorite storybooks from bookstores, read to and with your child. Do whatever it takes to make them fall in love with books.

Give your time

Talk to your child as you talk to an adult. Don’t think his or her concern is irrelevant. If they have a curiosity about anything, give them an appropriate answer because if you will not tell, they are going to know from somewhere else. Lastly but most importantly LOVE them unconditionally.

Final thoughts

With all this said, every child learns differently. So, understand your child needs and teach a child in a way that he/she is willing to learn.

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