Are you happily married?


It’s true that for a successful marriage, you need to fall in love many times… always with the same person. Everyone wish to be very married (happy) if he gets married. It’s easy to say- match, set, go… than actually doing it. Whether you marry a stranger or someone you have fallen in love with, as a couple you are bound to travel through thick and thin roads. But it’s entirely in your hand to make the ride worthwhile. You need to be stocked up with the items like bun of fun, cheese of smile, patty of passion to really savour every morsel of life. If you inadvertently take a wrong turn, make sure that GPS of trust is always on. The mantra of happy journey is to have a never ending drive with the person who has chosen to accompany you for lifetime.

Am I being too serious? Ok… let’s take a humorous angle to the story!!

Marriage is that quiz where questions remain same but answers tend to change lately. Here are some of the examples to substantiate the point-

Wife’s question: How do I look in this dress sweetheart?

After 1 year- You look ravishing… My doll

After 2 years –Do I really need to answer this? Stunning beauty 🙂

After 5 years- Yes it suits you..

After 10 years- What?? You said something??

After 30 years- Invalid question: D


Husband’s question: Did you iron my clothes my princess?

After 1 year- Tadddahhhh.. ..I am at your service!!

After 2 years – Your wish is my command..dear

After 5 years –You get ready…it’s my job.. let me handle!

After 10 years- Clothes are good.. not crushed at all.. see

After 30 years- Help yourself…


Wife’s question: How is food?

After 1 year- Yummyy.. delicious… out of this world…you have magic in your hands!!

After 2 years – Its really good..

After 5 years –It’s bit spicy.. but I like it

After 10 years- (murmuring only) Again…were you working in a salt factory earlier? That’s OK.. I am used to it now 🙁

After 30 years- Have you cooked something today?


Husband’s question: It feels so happy to have a baby.. Isn’t it?

After 1 year- My only dream is to have a baby just like you.. honey!!

After 2 years – It feels happy to have one.. Happier if you are also around to take care 🙂

After 5 years –Yes I feel the same way!!

After 10 years- It’s not only my duty to look after the kids.. come home right away!!

After 30 years- I wish I had not dreamed of another maniac… Why are you after your father???


Wife’s question: Happyyy anniversary!! When you will reach home???

After 1 year- Hey sweety.. No need to reach on time. I have already taken an off for the most special day of our life..

After 2 years – Yes.. I will be back by five..and then we will celebrate dear..

After 5 years –Oh.. I have got lots of meetings but will surely go somewhere!!

After 10 years- Can we make it some other day if you don’t mind??

After 30 years- What’s new about it… It comes every year…


In this movie of LIFE, you are the scriptwriter… Wherein you can change the above dialogues… 


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